Historic Brook Arts Center

Kat Cannelongo - Board Chair

Curt Schmidt - 1st Vice Chair

Robert Anczarki - 2nd Vice Chair

Maria Leamy - Treasurer

Don Kalbach - Secretary

Frank Bruno - Director

Catherine Heldt-Ebel - Director

George Andersen - Director

Jennifer Kennedy - Director

Board of Directors

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A classic vaudeville theater, the Brook Theater was opened in 1927. That was the same year the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer, starring Al Jolson, hit the silver screen This signaled the beginning of the end for vaudeville. Even though it was opened at the tail end of the era, The Brook was home to a wide variety of acts. Headliners, including Tony Bennett and Jackie Gleason entertained packed houses, which at the time, was an 850 seat theater. 
While most theaters built in that era have been demolished or converted to movie multiplexes, the Brook Arts Center remains unchanged and stands as a 1920-era Landmark.

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